Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to GDR design!

Some fine GDR metalwork on a Kita facade, Fürstenbergerstrasse 4/5, Prenzlauerberg

This 1960s building on Fürstenbergerstrasse, Prenzlauerberg belongs to the nursery school chain ‘Kita city’. The fact that it hadn’t been ‘renovated’ (i.e completely rebuilt) really surprised me, as it’s located in a very desirable area.

Update: I hate to get this blog off to a bad start, but unfortunately a bit of recent research has revealed that the building is actually on the way out. It’s currently undergoing renovation and will end up looking like this. Here’s hoping, nay, praying, that the developers at least have the sense to save the metalwork on the facade…..

Another, slightly grim looking pic here.  

4 thoughts on “Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to GDR design!

  1. Hi Maisie,
    Just saw the documentary featuring you search for DDR Baukunst,
    Thank you so very very much for what you are doing. I am delighted to see that young people like you take an interest in what I believe in many cases to be quite beautiful architectural art. I think what touched me most is that you don’t seem to “evaluate” the art from a standpoint of economics or curiosity only but actually enjoy it from an artistic point of view. Again, thank you for doing that.

    Best wishes,
    An old GDR girl (and fellow translator)

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