Flower Power

I found these flower-shaped bricks on the entrance to a building in the  GDR-tastic Buchbergerstrasse (formerly Eckertstrasse/Oberweg) Lichtenberg. I can’t find any information about who designed them, but have seen the same design on other buildings.

The building dates from the 1980s and now home to the ‘Berlin Rockhaus’, which rents out rehearsal rooms to musicians. The interior was partially renovated in 2000, but a look at the Rockhaus website suggests that it still has a strong whiff of GDR about it. It’s probably worth checking out, as is the street, an industrial estate which backs onto Bahnhof Lichtenberg. It looks like it’s remained largely untouched (unsullied!) by developers since the Wende. My kind of place, then!

2 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Fantastic! I was sent this link by a Polish Australian friend of mine, he shared the Elephant slide in the playground. I shared it with an Australian photographer living in Berlin and her Australian husband, a rock musician messaged me and said, that’s the Berlin Rockhaus, I am playing there tonight!

    Thanks for the great fotos and I love your commentary 🙂

    Tina Warehaus
    Sydney – Australia

    • Wow, now that’s a coincidence, Tina! Thanks for your nice comments and good luck with the gig tonight. I wonder what the venue looks like inside?

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